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Bulletin Antaq 9

Today Ruy de Mello Miller Law Firm released the first English version of the Bulletin ANTAQ. Created by specialized attorneys in Port and hashtag#Maritime Regulation from the RMM Public Law Nucleus, the document aims to systematize decisions made during meetings of the National Waterways Transportation Agency hashtag#ANTAQ Board of Directors, in addition to other judgements and discussions, generating a solid repository which may be used as a basis for future analyses and initiatives pertaining to the hashtag#Shipping and hashtag#Port sectors of hashtag#Brazil.

This edition deals with the following subjects:

- Normative Resolution n° 33 of 2019: Social participation mechanisms and effectiveness

- Ordinance nº 281/2019 and the Possibility of Receiving Service of Process via apps or e-mail

- Normative Resolution n° 34 of 2019: a new regulation covering container segregation and delivery services

- Exploitation of a port area without due bidding process: Petrobrás affair

- Itaqui 12: Perspectives of a greenfield opportunity

- Main normative acts edited during the quarter.

Should you wish to include a contact in our mailing list to receive the next editions, please send a request to or contact us by phone +55 (13) 3219-7303.

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