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Everyone at RMM is responsible for maintaining an inclusive, safe and harmonious work


​​Sexism, homophobia, racism and religious intolerance are examples of prejudices that manifest themselves in our society and are reflected in corporate environments, marginalizing
people and inhibiting their personal and professional development. By recognizing its role as an agent for transforming society and promoting Democracy, RMM is invested in constantly improving its ESG (
environmental, social and governance) initiatives to promote healthy relationships.

On the RMM's 59th anniversary (2020), we conducted an inspiring conversation with Preto Zezé,
President of Central Única das Favelas (CUFA), which also stimulated the creation of the
Advocacy Diversity and Equity Committee

Diversity and Equity Committee


One of these initiatives is the work done by RMM's Diversity and Equity Committee. Created during the 2020 Brazilian Black Awareness Week, the Committee is made up of Advocacy volunteers from different areas and positions. About 15 lawyers, employees and interns meet periodically to promote inclusion initiatives and combat different forms of discrimination, in order to ensure an inclusive, diverse, equitable and safe environment for all. The Committee's goals are:

1. Contribute to the construction of a peaceful, fair and inclusive society, respecting the Sustainable Development Goals (UNDP).  

2. Identify, attract, retain, engage and promote professionals, at all RMM hierarchical levels, that reflect the national demographic composition.

3. Promote innovation.

To achieve them