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A debate on the future of the Port of Santos

On July 6, 2021, Ruy de Mello Miller Law Firm (RMM) will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Among the highlights of the anniversary is a webinar with authorities and business leaders about the development of the busiest container port in Latin America. 
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Webinar Valor Econômico Newspaper
Port of Santos
Tuesday, July 6th,
at 4pm (GMT-3)
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Promoted by Valor Econômico Newspaper, the most important outlet for economy, finance and business in Brazil, this event will take place on Tuesday at 4pm Brazilian Time (GMT-3), with English subtitles.


The Port of Santos is going through a unique moment for Brazilian foreign trade operations. It is  preparing for four substantial bids for commodities terminals and seeking to create the conditions for a privatization process. In this webinar with authorities and business leaders we will go over these and other challenges of one of the main ports in the country.


  • Antonio Sepúlveda, CEO of Santos Brazil, South America’s largest container operator. 

  • Patrícia Lascosque, President of the Board of Directors of ATP (Brazilian Private Ports Association). Together, ATP's members handle 60% of the Brazilian ports' cargo. Ms. Lascosque is also the Head of Logistics of Suzano, the world’s leading producer of eucalyptus pulp and one of Latin America’s largest paper manufacturers. 

  • Flavia Takafashi, Director of the Contract Management Department at Brazil's National Secretariat of Ports and Waterways Transport (SNPTA), part of the Ministry of Infrastructure. 

  • Thiago Miller, RMM's partner and the President of the Shipping and Port Law Commission of The Brazilian Bar Association of São Paulo State (OAB/SP). 

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